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        What's the difference between a blower and an induced draft fan

        Release time:2023-01-11 view:204

        Whether the blower or induced draft fan, through the rotation of the fan can produce a certain air pressure, but the actual function of the blower and the induced draft fan is different. Among them, the blower is equivalent to a blower, which works under positive pressure. The electric fan used in daily life is a typical representative of the blower.

        The induced draft fan is on the contrary, it is working in the state of negative pressure absorption, so it can be regarded as an exhaust fan or exhaust fan, can be used to remove the necessary gas, most used to change the air quality of the environment, the exhaust fan is more common in the workshop; The kitchen range hood; The furnace of an industrial boiler and so on.

        In addition to the use of different fan types, in practical applications, there are also a fan through different installation to achieve the induced draft fan or blower function.

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