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        Grain fan

        Grain fan
        Product category:Grain depot fan

        Product introduction

        Fan pressure: Medium pressure fan supporting motor power: 7.5 (kw) Turbine head material: Q235

        Material: Q235 Air direction: centrifugal type: blower

        Weight: 460 (kg) Model: 4-72-13 6C Speed: 1600 (r/mim)

        Scope of application: Number of Dilong ventilation blades: 10 Brand: Zhou Gu

        Purpose: grain depot shaft power: 5.9 (kw) Performance: low noise fan

        The 4-72-13 Zhou Gu mobile grain depot fan produced by our company is a kind of fan designed according to the grain depot cooling. It can be directly connected to the long mouth of the grain depot. It has low noise, large air volume and can be moved arbitrarily. The main machine number of the fan is No2.8-No12, a total of 10 specifications, the traditional way is generally C type.

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