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        Welcome to the official website of Zhoukou General Blower Co., LTD

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        AR series Roots blower

        AR series Roots blower
        Product category:Roots fan

        Product introduction

        AR series Roots blower uses:

        AR series Roots blower can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, fertilizer, building materials, ore, port, textile, food, medicine, environmental protection, breeding and urban gas and other industries and sectors.

        AR series Roots Blower model list

        ARB-50 Roots Blower ARB-65 Roots Blower ARC-80 Roots Blower ARC-100 Roots blower

        ARD-125 Roots Blower ARD-145 Roots Blower ARD-150 Roots blower ARE190 Roots blower

        ARE-195 Roots blower ARE-200 Roots blower ARE-250 Roots blower ARF-245 Roots blower

        ARF-250 Roots blower ARF-295 Roots blower ARF-300 Roots Blower ARF-350 Roots blower

        Model ArG-300 Roots blower Model ArG-350 Roots blower Model ArG-395 Roots Blower Model Arg-400 Roots blower Model

        ARG-350* Roots Blower ARG-400 Roots Blower ARG-445 Roots Blower ARG-450 Roots blower

        ARG-500 Roots Blower ArH-550 Roots Blower ArH-600 Roots Blower ArH-650 Roots blower

        ARH-700 Roots blower ARH-600 Roots Blower ARH-700 Roots Blower ARH-750 Roots blower

        ARH-800 Roots Blower Super large Roots Blower ARH-900


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