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        DTF axial flow fan

        DTF axial flow fan
        Product category:Axial fan

        Product introduction

        Purpose of DTF axial flow fan:

        DTF axial fan can not only be used in all kinds of building fire smoke exhaust, but also can be used in all kinds of buildings, civil air defense engineering, underground railway, mine, tunnel, tunnel, electric power, water conservancy dam ventilation system ventilation (exhaust), DTF(H) type, DTF(S) type fan can also be used in emergency fire smoke exhaust system and non-fire smoke exhaust system.

        DTF axial fan product features:

        1. High temperature resistance The fan is designed with a special motor cooling system. When the medium temperature of the main air duct is 280 degrees, it can run continuously for more than 30 minutes, and when it is 150 degrees, it can run continuously for a long time. It can play the role of ventilation and fire and smoke exhaust.

        2, small size, light weight and the same air volume centrifugal fan less space two-thirds, weight reduction of more than half.

        3, simple structure The fan is composed of five main parts.

        ① impeller ② motor ③ inner circulation air cooling system ④ guide vane inner cylinder ⑤ outer cylinder. Convenient for folding and maintenance.

        3, easy installation The fan can be installed according to the requirements of building construction by horizontal vertical and hanging type. Three-phase power supply 380V 50Hz.

        Production range of DTF axial fan:

        The product has two kinds of two-speed and single-speed series, its specifications and models are:

        Single Speed HPF I Series:

        3.5-I 4-I 4.5-I 5-I 5.5-I 6-I 6.5-I 7-I. 3.5-I 4-I 4.5-I 5-I 5.5-I 6-I 6.5-I 7-I

        3.5-I 8-I 9-I 10-I 11-I 12-I 14-I 16-I

        Single Speed HPF II Series:

        4-II 4.5-II 5-II 5.5-II 6-II 6.5-II 7-II

        8-II 9-II 10-II 11-II 12-II 13-II 14-II

        Two-speed HPF-SI Series:

        5-S1 6-S1 7-S1 8-S1 9-S1 10-S1 11-S1 12-S1

        14-S1 16-S1

        Two-speed HPF-SII Series:

        6-S2 7-S2 8-S2 9-S2 10-S2 11-S2 12-S2 14-S2

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